List of High Sheriffs of Essex

The most authoritative list of High Sheriffs was compiled by the Public Record Office and published in 1898 as List of Sheriffs of England and Wales, from the earliest times to A.D. 1831 (reprinted 1963 with MS amendments). Before 1155 the evidence is patchy, but Judith A. Green’s Public Record Office Handbook English Sheriffs to 1154 (1990) fills in a few gaps, and this has been followed in the list below.

The PRO List differs on numerous occasions from the list in Philip Morant’s History and Antiquities of the County of Essex (vol. I, 1768, pp vi–x), which goes up to 1768. These differences have been noted below, including variant spellings of names. Morant does still have value in providing place-names for many of the sheriffs, and these have also been included below, using modern spellings. Further place-names have also been added from Sir Henry Chauncy’s Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire (vol. I, 1826, pp 41–47), as Essex and Hertfordshire were combined for shrieval purposes for most years from about 1100 up to 1567. Places are in Essex unless Herts is specified.

Sir Richard Colvin used the PRO List for his own list in The Lieutenants and Keepers of the Rolls of the County of Essex (1934), and continued it to 1933. For 1832 to 1933 he included addresses; the PRO List included addresses from about 1730. Colvin listed year of appointment only, rather than the full date.

For entries since 1934 the addresses are those given at the time of the announcement in the London Gazette.

No attempt has been made to standardise names, but links have been provided to the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (ODNB), Who’s Who (WW) and other authorities where known (occasionally to another, closely related member of the same family). Many sheriffs were also Members of Parliament and there are links (MP) to the online History of Parliament. Titles and ranks given are usually those applicable at the time of appointment as sheriff.

Entries in italics are those of people named as sheriffs of Essex apparently in error or who, although appointed, did not actually serve.

 Essex only 
939Hugh de LyttonWikipedia; not otherwise verifiable, and impossibly early
Before 1086Robert FitzWymarc Green. ODNB
Between 1066 and 1085Sweyn (Suen, Swein) son of Robert 
Between 1066 and 1086? Geoffrey de MandevilleGreen, Morant ; also possibly HS of Herts
1067–70Jacque de BucklandWikipedia; perhaps confused with Hugh of Buckland
?–1072Ilbert de HertfordWikipedia, Morant; was HS of Herts
Between 1072 and 1076? Ralph BainardGreen
1080RalphPresumably Ralph Bainard (or Baignard)
Between 1085 and 1117‘N’Green; not otherwise identified
1086, and probably earlier; also probably sheriff under William RufusPeter de Valognes of Benington, HertsGreen, Morant; also HS of Herts
 Edward de SaresburgWikipedia; Morant (Edw. de Evreux, or Salisbury); Chauncy (de Saresbery); was HS of Wilts
 StephenWikipedia; not otherwise verifiable
 Essex & Herts 
Between 1100 and 1115Hugh of Buckland (de Bocheland)Green. Sheriff of eight counties in 1110. ODNB
Between 1104 and 1107? Hugh LyothGreen; ‘possibly a mistake for Hugh of Buckland’
Between 1100 and 1107? AluredGreen
Between 1108 and 1118 AldwinGreen
Between 1115 and 1127Aubrey de VereGreen. ODNB
Early C12? AmfridGreen
1127? Haimo de Saint ClairGreen
East. 1128William of Eynesford (de Aeinesford)Also Sheriff of London
East.–Mich. 1130Richard Basset and Aubrey de VereJointly responsible for eleven counties. ODNB
1141Geoffrey de Mandeville, Earl of Essex ODNB
Between 1144 and 1147Andrew Bucca LinctaOn amended PRO List; ‘presumably Andrew Buccuinte, justiciar of London’ (Green)
Between 1143 and 1152Maurice de Tiretot (de Tiretie, i.e. Tilty)Green
1154–1155Richard de Luci (Lucy) of Ongar CastleEssex only. ODNB
Mich. 1155Sir Richard de Luci 
Mich. 1157Maurice de Tiretot 
Mich. 1158Maurice de Tiretot 
Xmas 1160Ralph de Marci 
Mich. 1161Maurice de Tiretot 
Mich. 1163Ottiwell de Bovilla (Nicolas de Boville) 
Mich. 1164Nicholas Decanus 
Mich. 1168Nicholas ClericusPresumably the same
East. 1169Stephen de Belcampo (de Beauchamp) 
East. 1170Robert Mantel (de Mancell)Served eleven years
Mich. 1181Oto filius Willelmi (Sir Otho FitzWilliam) 
Mich. 1190Geoffrey filius Petri (Sir Geffrey FitzPiers, Earl of Essex) of Walden Castle ODNB
Mich. 1191Richard de Heriet (Heriot)Under-sheriff or other representative
Mich. 1192Geoffrey filius Petri in person 
Mich. 1193Simon de Pateshulla (of Pattishall) ODNB
East. 1194William de Longo Campo (Longchamp) ODNB
East. 1194Robert de LaweshellaUnder-sheriff or other representative
Mich. 1195William Pointel 
Mich. 1195Robert de LaweshellaUnder-sheriff or other representative
Mich. 1196Sir Reginald de Argentoein (Argentine, Argentein) of Great Wymondley, Herts 
East. 1197Hugh de Nevill of Little Hallingbury ODNB
East. 1197Humphrey de Barentona (Sir Humfrey de Barrington)Under-sheriff or other representative
Mich. 1197Sir John de NevillUnder-sheriff or other representative; son of Hugh
Mich. 1200Sir Richard de Munfichet (Montfitchet) of Stansted Mountfitchet 
Mich. 1200John de CornherdeUnder-sheriff or other representative
Mich. 1202Hugh de Nevill (Lord Neville) 
Mich. 1202John de CornherdeUnder-sheriff or other representative
Mich. 1203Sir John de NevillUnder-sheriff or other representative
East. 1204Matthew Mantel (Mauntell) 
19 May 1208Aubrey de Vere, 2nd Earl of Oxford 
19 May 1208William filius Fulconis (William FitzFulke)Under-sheriff or other representative
Mich. 1213Matthew Mantel 
 Geoffrey de Roinges (Rothing)Under-sheriff or other representative
25 Jun 1215Matthew MantelProbably a re-appointment
 Robert MantelAccounts from Mich, 1214; brother and heir of Matthew; Morant says ‘and Walter de Verdon’
25 Mar. 1216Stephen HarengodEssex only; not in Morant
6 Nov. 1217John de Cornethe (Cornherd)Not in Morant
Xmas 1217William Marescallus (William Marshall, 1st Earl of Pembroke) 
Xmas 1217John de Cornerde (Cornherd)Under-sheriff or other representative
East. 1218Walter de VerdonUnder-sheriff or other representative
5 Apr 1218Walter de VerdonAccounts as sheriff from Mich. 1218
18 Apr 1220Robert Mantel (Mauntell) 
16 Nov 1220Sir Stephen de SegraveChief Justice of the Common Pleas. ODNB
Mich. 1220Ralph filius Reginaldi (FitzReginald)Under-sheriff or other representative
Mich. 1221Sir Stephen de Segrave in person 
Mich. 1222Peter de Sancto Edwardo (St Edward)Under-sheriff or other representative
23 Jan 1224Sir Richard de Argentuein (de Argenton) ODNB
23 Jan 1224Sir William de Culworth (Cultwarden)Under-sheriff or other representative
Mich. 1224Sir William de Culworth 
11 Jul 1232Peter de Rivall’Did not account (not in Morant)
Mich. 1232Robert de Waltham 
6 May 1233William de Holewelle (Holwell)Accounts from East. 1233)
29 May 1234Sir William de Coleworth (Culworth)Accounts from Mich. 1233
3 May 1236Sir Peter de Thany (Taney) of Hunsdon, Herts 
East. 1239Sir Richard de Gray (Grey) of ‘Thurrock-Grey’ (Grays Thurrock) ODNB
Mids. 1239Sir Bertram de Criell (Cryol or Kyriell) of Albury, Herts 
12 Nov 1240John de Wadinton or Watton (Walton) 
4 May 1242Sir Richard de Munfichet (Montfitchet) of Ayot Parva (Ayot St Peter), HertsSon of HS 1200. ODNB
28 Mar 1246William filius Renneri (FitzReginald) 
2 May 1250Richard de Whitfeud or Whitfaud (de Whitland, Whitsand) 
9 May 1251Henry de Halgheton (Helegeton, Heleghton) 
8 May 1254Sir Ralph de Ardern (Arden) of Horndon-on-the-Hill 
16 or 18 Oct 1256John BayardBecame a lunatic; not in Morant
22 Nov 1256Thomas de Ramesden (Rameden) 
3 Apr 1257Robert del Val (de la Vall) 
3 Nov 1257Hubert de Montchesney or de Monte Caniso (Monte Campo) of Chesfield (Graveley), Herts 
Mich 1259Sir Richard de Tany (Taney) Hunsdon 
9 Jul 1261Matthis de Mara (Sir Matthew de la Mare)Accounts from East. 1261
1262/3Roger de Kenlevedon, or KeldonMorant only; half year only
25 Mar 1263John de Booking (Bocking) 
Mids. 1264Nicholas Espigornel (Spigurnell) of Stondon Massey 
27 Oct 1265Sir Richard de Suthchirch (Southchurch) of Southchurch 
12 Jun 1267Robert LedetDid not account (not in Morant)
23 Nov 1267Richard de Herlawe (Harlow)Accounts from Xmas 1267
Mich. 1268John de Kaunvil (Canvyle) 
10 Jul 1269Walter de EssexAccounts from Mids. 1269
14 Nov 1269William de Blunvill (Blundeville, Blomvile) 
5 Aug 1270William de CharlesDid not account (not in Morant)
20 Jan 1271Walter de EssexNominee of Edward the king’s son. On 28 Aug 1270 he was forbidden to assume office before feast of St Edward. Accounts from Mich. 1270
18 Oct 1274Sir Thomas de Sandwyce (Sandwych) 
7 Nov 1275Laurence de Scaccario 
25 Oct 1278William de Sancto Claro (St Clere) 
3 Nov 1279Reginald de Gynges (Ginge, or Ingrave) 
1 Jul 1285William de Lamburne 
30 Apr 1286Hugh le Blunt (Blound, Blount) 
East. 1288Ralph de Boxstede (Bocksted) 
Mich. 1290Henry Gropinel (Grapnel) of Tiled Hall, Latchingdon 
12 May 1292Sir John Carbonel 
9 Dec 1292William le Gros (Grice) 
9 Oct 1294William de Sutton of Wivenhoe 
28 Oct 1297Simon de Bradenham 
22 Oct 1299Sir John de la Lee of Albury, Herts 
26 Oct 1301William de Harpesden or Harpeden (Harpenden) of Wheathampstead, Herts 
3 Oct 1302John de Wenegrave (Wengrave) 
1 Oct 1303Sir John de Bassingburn of Woodhall, Hatfield, Herts 
7 Oct 1304Sir John de la Lee 
12 Apr 1306Sir John de Bassingburn 
7 Nov 1306John de Harpesfeld (Harpefield) 
4 Nov 1307Walter Baud or le Baud (Sir Walter de Baude) of Corringham 
11 Nov 1308Alan de Goldingham of Chigwell 
3 Oct 1310Sir Geoffrey de la LeeMorant has him serving with his son Sir John de la Lee for two years
28 Apr 1311John de la Haye(i.e. Sir John de la Lee)
17 Nov 1312Sir John Aynel (Sir John de Aygnell) of Pendley, Herts 
8 Oct 1313John de Hoo, or John Warde de Hoo of Hoo, Herts 
8 Oct 1314Sir Richard de Perers 
29 Nov 1318John de Dovre or Dovorr (John atte Doure) 
27 May 1319Ralph Giffard (de Gifford) of Gilston, Herts 
25 Oct 1320John de Dovre or DovereMorant has Geffrey de Lake for half a year, John atte Doure for the other half
24 Oct 1321Nicholas Engaigne or de Engaine (Engayne) of Hunsdon, Herts 
1322Adam Franceys of Ruckholt (Leyton)Morant only, between Engayne and Gobion
15 Jan 1323Sir Thomas Gobioun (Gobion)Accounts from Mich. 1322
24 Nov 1324Sir Richard de Pereres (Perers) 
26 Sep 1327William le Baud (de Baude) of Corringham 
26 Oct 1328Sir Richard de Pereres (Perers) 
5 Dec 1330Sir John de Wanton or Wauton of Wallington, Herts 
5 May 1332Sir John de la Haye 
9 Jun 1333Adam le Bloye (Sir Adam de Bloye) 
8 Mar 1334William Baud (Sir William de Baude) 
15 Nov 1334Sir John de Coggeshale (Coggeshall) 
28 Sep 1339Sir William de Wauton 
6 May 1340Sir John de Coggeshale (Coggeshall) 
8 Jan 1341Walter de la More (William atte Moore or Atemore) of Gobions, North Mymms, Herts 
4 Dec 1341Richard de Monte Caniso (Sir Richard de Montchensy)Dead by date of Gernet’s appointment
29 Jul 1342Henry Gernet (Sir Henry Garnet) of High EasterDied before the end of his account
22 Nov 1343Sir John de Coggeshale (Coggeshall) 
12 May 1348Peter de Boxstede (Bocksted, Boxted) 
12 Nov 1348William Bret (Brett)Died in office 23 May 1349
7 Jul 1349Sir Humphrey de Walden of RicklingAccounts from East. 1349
12 Dec 1349Peter de Boxsted (Bocksted, Boxted) 
22 Oct 1350Thomas de Lacy 
4 Nov 1351Sir John de Coggeshale (Coggeshall) 
10 Nov 1354Sir Hugh FitzSymond (FitzSimon) 
24 Nov 1355William de Enefeld 
25 Nov 1356Thomas de Chabham 
3 Nov 1358Roger de Louthe of Roxford, Hertingfordbury, Herts 
21 Nov 1360Sir Hugh le Blount 
10 Oct 1361John de NorthwodeDid not account (not in Morant)
16 Nov 1361William le Leyre (de Leire or Layer) 
20 Nov 1362Guy de Boys 
16 Jan 1364Thomas Fitlyng (Sir Thomas de Fitling)Accounts from Mich. 1363
7 Dec 1364John Gernoun (Sir John Gernon) 
17 Nov 1365William or Thomas de Helpston (Thomas de Helpeston) of Felsted 
16 Nov 1366John Olyver of Sandon, Herts 
9 Jun 1368Thomas de Shardelowe (Sir John Shardelow) of New Hall, BorehamAccounts from East. 1368
27 Nov 1368John HenxteworthAccounts to 22 Jan 1370
5 Nov 1369Sir John de HevenynghamDid not account (not in Morant)
6 Dec 1369Sir William de WantonDid not account (not in Morant)
22 Jan 1370Roger KeterichAccounts from same day
28 Nov 1370William Baude the elderDid not account (not in Morant)
16 Dec 1370Thomas de Bassingbourn 
5 Nov 1371Sir William Baud of Little Hadham, Herts 
12 Dec 1372John de Bampton (or Brampton) 
7 Nov 1373Sir John Filliol (Filiol) of Kelvedon 
12 Dec 1374Sir Edward FitzSimon of Hippolits (St Ippolyts) or Hatfield, HertsMorant has Fitz-Simon of Hippolits, Chauncy has Fitz Symonds of Hatfield
4 Oct 1375John Bataill (Sir John Batteyle or Battell) of High Ongar Park 
26 Oct 1376Robert FitzWilliam of Alphamstone 
26 Nov 1377Robert de Goldyngton Robert Goldington) of Hunsdon, Herts 
25 Nov 1378Sir John FitzSymond (FitzSimon) of Barling MP
5 Nov 1379Sir Edward Benstede (Bensted) of Benington, Herts 
18 Oct 1380John Sewale of Coggeshall 
25 Jun 1381William LowynDid not account (not in Morant)
16 Dec 1381Walter Godmyston or Godmanston of Frinton 
24 Nov 1382Geoffrey Dersham (Darsham) 
1 Nov 1383Thomas Batayll (Battell) MP
14 Jan 1385Sir John Walton of Wivenhoe 
20 Dec 1385Sir Geoffrey Brokhole (Brockhole) of Great Sampford 
4 Jan 1387John Rugewyn (Ruggewyn, Rygewin) of Standon, Herts 
1 Dec 1388Sir Robert SwynburnDid not account (not in Morant). MP says he was replaced ‘for particular causes’
30 Jan 1389Henry Englisshe (English)Accounts from Mich. 1388
15 Nov 1389Sir Walter atte Lee or de la Lee (Sir Walter Lee) of Albury, Herts 
7 Nov 1390Geoffrey Michel (Michell) of Finchingfield 
21 Oct 1391William Coggeshale (Sir William Coggeshall) MP
18 Oct 1392Sir Adam Fraunceys (Franceys) 
18 Dec 1393Thomas Coggeshale (Coggeshall) MP (says he was also HS 19-30 Sep 1399)
11 Nov 1394Thomas Samkyn (Sampkin) 
9 Nov 1395William Bateman of Little SampfordMorant and Chauncy have Bateman in office for 3 years, followed by Turk (1398) and Bensted (1399)
1 Dec 1396Sir Robert Turk (Turke) of Little Hormead, Herts 
3 Nov 1397William BatemanNot in Morant or Chauncy, who go straight from Turke to Bensted
17 Nov 1398William BatemanEssex only
22 Aug 1399John Dorward ODNB, MP
30 Sep 1399Robert TeyeEssex only. MP
3 Nov 1399Edward Benstede (Bensted) 
24 Nov 1400Sir John Howard of Stansted Mountfitchet 
8 Nov 1401Sir William Marny (Marney) of Layer Marney 
29 Dec 1402Helming Legot (Helmingius Legat) of Stapleford Tawney MP
5 Nov 1403Sir Thomas Swynbourne (Swinburne) ODNB, MP
18 Oct 1404Sir William Coggeshale (Coggeshall) 
22 Nov 1405Edward BenstedeNot in Morant or Chauncy
5 Nov 1406Sir Gerard Braybrok (Braybroke) of Danbury MP
30 Nov 1407Elmyng Loget (Helmingius Legat) of Stapleford Tawney MP
15 Nov 1408William Loveneye of Great Wendon (Wendens Ambo) 
4 Nov 1409John Walden 
29 Nov 1410Thomas Aston 
10 Dec 1411Sir William Coggeshale (Coggeshall) 
8 Nov 1412Philip Ingelfeld (Englefield) of Finchingfield 
6 Nov 1413John Tyrell of Herongate MP
10 Nov 1414Sir John Howard MP
1 Dec 1415Sir Thomas Barre 
30 Nov 1416Lewis Johan (Lodoic John) of West Horndon MP
10 Nov 1417Reginald Malyns (Malyn) of Theydon Mount 
4 Nov 1418Sir John Howard 
23 Nov 1419Robert Darcy of Danbury MP
16 Nov 1420Lewis John or Johan (Lodoic John) of West Horndon MP
1 May 1422William Loveney 
14 Feb 1423John TyrellAccounts from Mich. 1422. MP
13 Nov 1423Sir Maurice Bruyn of South Ockendon 
6 Nov 1424John Barle (Barlee, Barley) of Albury, Herts 
15 Jan 1426John Doreward of BockingAccounts from Mich. 1425
12 Dec 1426Conan Aske (Conand Aske) of Hadleigh 
7 Nov 1427Thomas Torell of Willingale Doe 
4 Nov 1428John Hotoft of Knebworth, Herts 
10 Feb 1430Nicholas Rykhull (Ryckhill, Rickhull)Accounts from Mich. 1429
5 Nov 1430Henry Langeley (Langley) of Rickling 
26 Nov 1431Sir Nicholas Thorley of Great Canfield Castle 
5 Nov 1432John Durward or Doreward of Bocking 
5 Nov 1433Robert Whytyngham (Whyttingham) of Pendley, Herts ODNB
3 Nov 1434Geoffrey Rokkyll (Rockhole) of Hempstead 
7 Nov 1435Sir Maurice Bruyn of South Ockendon 
8 Nov 1436Edward Tyrell of Downham 
7 Nov 1437Richard Alrede of New Hall, Boreham 
3 Nov 1438Robert Whityngeham (Whyttingham) 
5 Nov 1439Richard Witherton 
4 Nov 1440Thomas Tyrell of Herongate 
4 Nov 1441Ralph Asteley (Astley) of Stondon 
6 Nov 1442Nicholas Morley of Hallingbury 
4 Nov 1443John Hende the younger 
6 Nov 1444Thomas Tireli (Sir Thomas Tyrell) 
4 Nov 1445Thomas Pygot of Roxwell 
4 Nov 1446Thomas Baude of CorringhamMorant says of ‘Coringham’, Chauncy of Hadham Hall, Herts
9 Nov 1447John Hende the younger 
9 Nov 1448George Langham of Panfield 
20 Dec 1449Geoffrey Rokhill or Rokell (Rockhole) of Hempstead 
3 Dec 1450Philip Botiller (Boteler) of Wood Hall in Watton, Herts 
8 Nov 1451Thomas Baryngton (Barington ) of Hatfield Regis (Hatfield Broad Oak) 
8 Nov 1452John Godmanston 
5 Nov 1453Sir Thomas Cobham of Woodham Walter 
4 Nov 1454Humphrey Bohun of Kelvedon 
4 Nov 1455Richard (Ralph) Bothe 
17 Nov 1456John Hende the younger 
7 Nov 1457Lewis John (Lodoic John) of West Horndon 
7 Nov 1458Sir Robert Darcy of Danbury 
14 Nov 1459Sir Thomas Tirell (Thomas Tyrell Kt Banneret) of Herongate 
7 Nov 1460John KnollesDid not account (not in Morant)
6 Mar 1461Thomas Ince (Juys, Juce)Accounts from Mich. 1400
7 Nov 1461Thomas Langley 
5 Nov 1463Sir John Clay of StiffordDied 8 Sep 1464; no sheriff for second half of year. ‘Esq’ in Morant
5 Nov 1464Roger Ree of Bardolphs in Watton, Herts 
5 Nov 1465Laurence Reynford (Raynsford)Knighted by East. 1466
5 Nov 1466Henry Barley or Barlee 
5 Nov 1467Sir William Pirton (Pyrton) 
5 Nov 1468Walter Writell, of Astlyns (Ashlyns) in High Ongar 
5 Nov 1469Ralph Bawde (Baude) of Hadham Hall, Herts 
6 Nov 1470Sir Henry LewysDid not account (not in Morant)
11 Apr 1471Walter Writell (Writtle)Accounts from Mich. 1470
9 Nov 1471Sir Roger Ree 
9 Nov 1472Alfred Corneburgh (Alured Cornburgh) 
5 Nov 1473John Stourgeon (Sturgeon) of Hitchin, Herts 
7 Nov 1474Richard Haute of Danbury ODNB
5 Nov 1475Henry Langley 
5 Nov 1476William Grene 
5 Nov 1477Alfred Corneburgh (Alured Cornburgh) 
5 Nov 1478John Wode 
5 Nov 1479John Sturgeon of Hitchin, Herts 
5 Nov 1480Thomas Tyrell of Herongate 
5 Nov 1481John Fortescu (Fortescue) of RivenhallChauncy says of Hatfield, Herts
5 Nov 1482Sir William Say of Broxbourne, HertsKnight of the Bath
6 Nov 1483John Sturgeon of Hitchin, Herts 
5 Nov 1484Sir Robert Percy 
12 Sep 1485John Fortescu (Fortescue) of Hatfield, HertsAccounts from 22 Aug; knighted while in office
5 Nov 1486Henry Marney 
4 Nov 1487Sir William Pyrton 
4 Nov 1488Henry Teye of Old Holt, Messing 
5 Nov 1489John Boteler of Watton, Herts 
5 Nov 1490Robert Turbevyle (Turbevile) of St Stephens, Herts 
5 Nov 1491John Berdefeld (Bardfield) of Margaretting 
26 Nov 1492Henry MarneyAfterwards Lord Marney. ODNB
7 Nov 1493Sir Richard FitzLewes (Fitz-Lewis) of Thorndon MP
5 Nov 1494Robert Plomer 
5 Nov 1495William Pulter of Hitchin, Herts 
5 Nov 1496Robert Neuport (Newport) of Furneaux Pelham, Herts 
5 Nov 1497Thomas Peryent of Digswell, Herts 
5 Nov 1498Sir John Verney of Pendley, Herts 
11 Nov 1499Sir Roger Wentworth of Wethersfield 
15 Nov 1500Sir Henry Tey 
5 Nov 1501William Pyrton 
8 Nov 1502Humphrey TyrellChauncy has Tyrell of ‘Heron’, Morant has ‘Humfrey Torell’ (cf. 1427, 1508)
18 Nov 1503William Skypwith (Skipwith) of St Albans 
1 Dec 1505Roger Darcy 
27 Nov 1506John Broket (Brocket) of Hatfield, Herts 
15 Dec 1508Humphrey TorellChauncy has Tyrell, of ‘Heron’
14 Nov 1509Sir Roger WentworthDid not account (not in Morant)
Mich. 1509John Leventhorp (Leventhorpe) of Shingle Hall, Sawbridgeworth, Herts 
9 Nov 1510William Lytton of Knebworth, Herts 
8 Nov 1511Anthony Darcy of Danbury 
7 Nov 1512Edward Tyrell of Herongate 
9 Nov 1513John Senclere (St Clere) 
7 Nov 1514William FitzWilliam of Theydon Garnon ODNB
5 Nov 1515Sir John Veer (Vere) 
10 Nov 1516Sir Westan Broun (Winstan Browne) of Abbots (Abbess) RodingChauncy has Thomas Bonham
9 Jan 1518Sir Thomas Tyrell of Herongate 
8 Nov 1518Sir Edward BenstedNot in Morant or Chauncy
26 Jan 1519Sir John Cutte (Cutts) of ThaxtedSir John Cutte, builder of Horham Hall
8 Nov 1519Sir John Veer (Vere) 
6 Nov 1520Thomas Boneham (Bonham) of Stanway MP
3 Feb 1522Thomas Tey of Pygots, ArdleighAfterwards knighted
12 Nov 1522John Christmas of Bradwell near the Sea 
13 Nov 1523Henry Barlee (Barley) 
10 Nov 1524Sir John Veer (Vere) 
27 Jan 1526Thomas Leventhorpe of Shingle Hall, Sawbridgeworth, Herts 
7 Nov 1526Thomas Bonam (Bonham) 
16 Nov 1527Edward Tyrell of Herongate 
7 Nov 1528Sir Giles Capell (Capel) of Rayne, and Hadham, Herts 
9 Nov 1529John Bolles (Bolle, Bollys) of Wallington, Herts 
11 Nov 1530John Brokett (Brocket) of Hatfield, Herts 
9 Nov 1531John Smyth of Saffron Walden 
20 Nov 1532Sir Philip Boteler of Watton, Herts 
17 Nov 1533Sir Brian Tuke of Layer MarneyChauncy has Sir Brian Took of Hatfield. ODNB
14 Nov 1534William West of DebdenAfterwards knighted
22 Nov 1535Thomas Peryent the elder of Digswell, Herts 
27 Nov 1536Sir Henry Parker of Radwell 
14 Nov 1537Sir John Raynesford (Raynsford) MP
15 Nov 1538John Smyth 
17 Nov 1539Sir Philip Boteler of Watton, Herts 
17 Nov 1540Sir John Mordaunt of West HorndonKnight of the Bath. ODNB, MP
27 Nov 1541Ralph Rowlet (Rawlet) of Gorhambury, St Albans, Herts 
22 Nov 1542John Bolles (Bowles) of Wallington, HertsDied in office
East. 1543John SewsterIn room of Bowles
23 Nov 1543John Wentworth 
16 Nov 1544Anthony Cooke of Geddyng (i.e Gidea) Hall ODNB, MP (also second entry)
22 Nov 1545Robert Lytton of Knebworth 
23 Nov 1546John Conyngesby (Coningsby) of North Mymms, Herts 
27 Nov 1547Edward Broket (Brocket) of Hatfield, HertsAccounts from East. 1547
3 Dec 1548John Cok or Cokke (Cock, Cocke) of Broxbourne, Herts 
12 Nov 1549Sir John Gates of Cheshunt, HertsMorant has Sir John Gate of Garnets, High Easter; his wife was daughter of Sir Edmund Denny of Cheshunt. ODNB, MP
11 Nov 1550Sir George Norton 
11 Nov 1551Sir Henry Tyrell of Herongate 
10 Nov 1552Sir Thomas Pope of Tyttenhanger, Ridge, Herts ODNB
8 Nov 1553Sir John Wentworth 
14 Nov 1554Edward Brockett (Brocket) of Hatfield 
14 Nov 1555William Harryes (Harris) of CreekseaDied in office. MP
East. 1556Thomas Sylesdon (Sylsden)In room of Harris
13 Nov 1556Sir John Butler (Boteler) of Watton, Herts 
16 Nov 1557Sir Thomas Pope of Tyttenhanger, Ridge, Herts 
23 Nov 1558Thomas Myldemaye (Mildmay) of Chelmsford MP (also second entry)
9 Nov 1559Ralph Rowlet of St Albans, Herts 
12 Nov 1560Edward Capell of Hadham, HertsAfterwards knighted
8 Nov 1561Sir Thomas Goldynge (Golding) 
19 Nov 1562Thomas Barryngton (Barrington) MP
8 Nov 1563Henry Fortescue MP (also second entry)
9 Nov 1564William Alyff or Ayloffe of Great Braxted 
16 Nov 1565Sir Robert Chester of Royston Priory, Herts 
18 Nov 1566John Brokett (Brocket) of Hatfield, Herts 
 Essex only 
18 Nov 1567George Tuke of Layer Marney 
18 Nov 1568Thomas Lucas of St John’s, Colchester MP
12 Nov 1569Sir Thomas Goldinge (Golding) 
13 Nov 1570James Altham of Mark Hall, Latton 
14 Nov 1571Edward Barrett of Belhus, Aveley 
13 Nov 1572Sir Thomas Myldmaye (Mildmay) of Moulsham MP
10 Nov 1573Arthur Harrys (Harris) of Creeksea 
15 Nov 1574Edmund Pyrton 
15 Nov 1575John Petre of Writtle and IngatestoneAfterwards knighted. MP
13 Nov 1576Wistan (Winstan) Browne of South Weald and West Roding 
27 Nov 1577Gabriel Poyntz of North Ockendon 
17 Nov 1578Edmund Huddleston (Hodleston) of Newport Pond (i.e. Newport) 
23 Nov 1579Henry Capell (Capel) of Rayne MP
21 Nov 1580Sir Thomas Baryngton Barington) 
9 Feb 1581Thomas Darcy of Tolleshunt Darcy 
27 Nov 1581John Wentworth of Gosfield 
5 Dec 1582Thomas Taye or Teye 
25 Nov 1583Sir Thomas Lucas MP
19 Nov 1584Henry AppletonMorant has ‘of South’, probably South Benfleet
22 Nov 1585Brian Darcye (Darcy) of St Osyth ODNB
14 Nov 1586Arthur Harris 
4 Dec 1587Robert Wrothe (Writh) of Loughton ODNB, MP (also second entry)
25 Nov 1588Edmund Huddleston (Hodleston) 
24 Nov 1589Gabriel Poyntz 
24 Nov 1590Ralph Wiseman of Rivenhall 
23 Nov 1591Richard Warren of ClayburyMP
16Nov 1592John WentworthMP 
26 Nov 1593Humphrey Mildmay of DanburyMP
21 Nov 1594William Ayloffe of Great Braxted MP
27 Nov 1595Edward Sulyard of Runwell MP
22 Nov 1596George Harvye of Marks Hall, DagenhamMorant has ‘Merks near Romford’. MP
25 Nov 1597Thomas Mildmay ‘of Barnes’, i.e. Barnes in SpringfieldMorant says ‘of Moulsham’
28 Nov 1598William Herrys (Harris) of Creeksea 
2 Dec 1599Jerome Weston of Roxwell 
24 Nov 1600Thomas Meade (Mede) of Wendon LoftsAfterwards knighted
2 Dec 1601Henry Smith ‘of Redfant’, i.e. Redfants, ShalfordMorant has ‘of Cressing Temple’
7 Dec 1602Richard Francke (Franke) of ‘Malden Abbey’, i.e. Beeleigh Abbey, Maldon 
1 Dec 1603Sir Henry Maynarde (Maynard) of Little Easton ODNB, MP
5 Nov 1604Thomas Rawlins (Rawlyns) MP
2 Feb 1606Sir John Sames (Sammes) of Little TothamMP
17 Nov 1606Sir Gamaliel Capell (Capel) of Abbots (Abbess) RodingMP 
9 Nov 1607Sir Henry Maxey of Great Saling 
12 Nov 1608Roger Appleton 
12 Nov 1609Sir Thomas Mildmay MP
6 Nov 1610Sir John Deane or Deans of Great Maplestead MP
1611Sir Thomas Wiseman 
1612Sir Henry Lee (Leigh) 
1613Sir Robert Wrothe (Wroth)Died in office. MP (also second entry)
1613Edward Elrington of Theydon BoisIn room of Wrothe
1614Sir Harbotle (Harbottle) Grimston Bt of Bradfield MP
6 Nov 1615William Smythe (Smyth) of Theydon Mount 
11 Nov 1616Thomas Lucas 
6 Nov 1617Sir Paul Banninge (Bayning) Bt of Little Bentley 
9 Nov 1618Sir Thomas Bendishe (Bendyshe) Bt of Steeple Bumpstead 
1619Sir William Smithe (Smyth) MP
6 Nov 1620William Pearte (Pert) of Mountnessing 
1621Sir Stephen Soame of Haydon 
7 Nov 1622Sir Thomas Gourney (Gournay) 
1623Charles Pratt 
1624Sir Edward BotelerMorant has ‘Esq’
1625Sir Arthur Herris (Harris)MP
1626Hugh Everard of Great Waltham 
4 Nov 1627Thomas Nitingale or Nightingale of NewportCreated baronet 1 Sep 1628
1628Sir Henry Mildmay of GracesMorant has ‘of Woodham Walter’. Not to be confused with Sir Henry Mildmay of Wanstead, Lord-Lieutenant 1651-3
1629Sir Edward Allen (Alleyn) Bt of Hatfield Peverel 
7 Nov 1630Sir Thomas Brudish or Bendish (Bendyshe) Bt 
1631Sir John MeadeMorant has ‘John Mede Kt or William Martin Kt’
1632Henry Smith 
10 Nov 1633Sir Richard Saltonstall (Staltonstall) of South Ockendon 
5 Nov 1634Sir Cranmer Harris 
1635Sir Humphrey Mildmay of Danbury 
3 Oct 1636John Lucas ODNB
30 Sep 1637William Luckin or Luckaine (Luckyn) Bt of Little Waltham 
4 Nov 1638Sir William Wiseman Bt of Great Canfield 
1639Martin Lumley of Great Bardfield 
1640Richard Luckaine (Luckyn) of Chignall Smealey 
1641Robert Smithe (Smyth) of Upton, Stratford 
1642Sir Benjamin Ayloffe BtMorant (not in PRO List). MP
30 Dec 1643Timothy Middleton of Stansted Mountfitchet 
2 Dec 1644Sir Richard Everard Bt
1645Richard Harlackonden (Harlackenden) of Earls Colne 
1 Dec 1646John Pyott (Pyot) of Low Leyton 
17 Nov 1647Hananiel Chibborne (Henameel Chibburne) of MessingDied in office
6 May 1648Robert Bourne of Bovinger (Bobbingworth)Apparently did not act (PRO List) but Morant says he served in room of Chibburne
23 Nov 1648George Pyke of Baythorne End 
7 Nov 1649Sir Samuel Tryan or Tryon Bt of Halstead 
7 Nov 1650John Trafford of Low Leyton 
4 Nov 1651Sir Thomas Abdye Bt (Abdy) of Kelvedon 
12 Nov 1652Thomas Cambell of Clay Hall, Ilford 
10 Nov 1653Sir William MartenMorant has for this year ‘William Marten… according to others Cuthbert Martin’
1653Cuthbert Martin of Netteswell 
1654Sir John Barrington Bt MP
1655John Sparrowe (Sparrow) of Great Maplestead 
1657Thomas Middleton of Stansted Mountfitchet 
1658Sir Thomas Wiseman of RivenhallDied before accounting
1659Sir William Wiseman Bt of Rivenhall MP
5 Nov 1660Sir Robert Abdy or Abdye Bt of Stapleford 
1661Sir Benjamin Wright BtMorant has Sir Thomas and Sir William Wiseman
1662Sir Martin Lumley Bt of Great Bardfield 
1663Sir Thomas Smith (Smyth) Bt of Theydon Mount 
1664Sir William Lucky (Luckyn) Bt of Messing 
12 Nov 1665Sir Heneage Fetherston Bt of Stanford-le-Hope 
7 Nov 1666Peter or Stephen Soames (Soame) of HeydonMorant has Stephen Soame
6 Nov 1667John Birch of Gidea Hall 
5 Nov 1668Sir Thomas Garret (Gerrard) Bt of East HamNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
25 Nov 1668Sir John James of Crishall 
11 Nov 1669Sir Thomas Garrard (Gerrard) of East Ham 
4 Nov 1670Edmund or Edward Lewin (Lewen) 
9 Nov 1671Thomas Turner of Quendon 
11 Nov 1672Henry OsbaldestonNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
1672John HowlandAccounts for the whole year
12 Nov 1673Sir Thomas Chambers (Chamber) 
5 Nov 1674Sir Stephen White 
15 Nov 1675Sir Mark Guyon of Great CoggeshallMorant has ‘Esq’
10 Nov 1676John Morecroft of Shenfield 
15 Nov 1677Francis Osbaldeston of Little IlfordDied in office, 22 Apr 1678
17 Nov 1677Henry Keys of HopewellIn PRO list, apparently an error
1677Sir William Dyer BtAccounts for the whole year, in room of Osbaldeston
14 Nov 1678Sir William Adams BtNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
1 Dec 1678William Palmer of StiffordMorant has of Stratford or Lambourne
13 Nov 1679Sir Edward Smyth BtNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
1679Richard Barrett of BelhusAccounts for the whole year
1680Sir Edward Smyth Bt of Hill Hall 
28 Nov 1681Thomas Dawtrey of Doddinghurst 
23 Nov 1682Sir William Glascocke (Glascock) of AldhamKnighted 29 Nov
1682William PertAccounts for the whole year, but not in Morant
12 Nov 1683Sir William Hickes (Hicks) Bt of Low Leyton 
20 Nov 1684Joseph Smart of Theydon Bois 
13 Nov 1685Sir Cane James Bt of Chrishall
25 Nov 1686William Pecke or Peeke (Peck) of Little Sampford 
5 Dec 1687Sir Thomas Manby of South Weald ODNB
8 Nov 1688Sir Thomas MiddletonNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve. MP
12 Nov 1688Sir John MarshallNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
17 Nov 1688Sir Josiah Child BtMorant lists him between Disborow and Honeywood. ODNB, MP
18 Mar 1689Benjamin Disbrowe or Disborow of Downham 
18 Nov 1689John le Mott Honeywood of Marks Hall MP (also second entry)
27 Nov 1690John Cooke (Cookes) of Low Leyton 
14 Dec 1691George Ford 
17 Nov 1692John AustinNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
8 Dec 1692Timothy Felton of Ovington 
16 Nov 1693John Lockey of Albury (Aldborough) Hatch 
6 Dec 1694Edward Bullock of FaulkbourneMorant has Littell followed by Bullock or Tyrell. Presumably Bullock delayed his year of office and even then Tyrell accounted
19 Dec 1694John Littell of Ballingdon 
5 Dec 1695Edward Bullock of Faulkbourne 
1695Sir Charles Tyrell Bt of HerongateAccounts from Mich. 1695 to Mich. 1696
3 Dec 1696Edmund Godwin 
16 Dec 1697John BrandNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
21 Jan 1698Samuel Mowyer or Moyer of Pitsea 
22 Dec 1698Samuel Wake alias Jones of Waltham Abbey 
20 Nov 1699George Pochin of Fyfield 
28 Nov 1700John or Edward Luther of Stapleford Tawney or Kelvedon Hatch 
1 Jan 1702Robert BreedonNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
12 Jan 1702Thomas WebsterNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
19 Jan 1702Peter Whitcombe of Great Braxted 
3 Dec 1702Edward Bullock of Faulkbourne 
2 Dec 1703Erasmus SmithNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
20 Dec 1703Sir Thomas Webster Bt of Copped Hall ODNB, MP (also second entry)
21 Dec 1704William Peck 
3 Dec 1705Dacre Barrett (Dacre-Lennard Barrett) of Belhus 
14 Nov 1706John Olmius of Braintree 
20 Nov 1707Sir Daniel Wray ODNB
29 Nov 1708Thomas Millington or Willington of GosfieldMorant has Millington. MP
1 Dec 1709Justus Beck 
5 Jan 1710Sir Martin Lumley Bt of Great Bardfield 
24 Nov 1710Sir Henry Bendish BtNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
30 Nov 1710Samuel Smith of Weald Hall, South Weald 
13 Dec 1711Fisher Tench of Low LeytonMP
11  Dec 1712Carew Harvey alias Milemay or Mildmay of Marks Hall, DagenhamMP (son)
30 Nov 1713Sir Henry Fetherston (Featherstone) Bt of Stanford-le-Hope 
16 nov 1714William Blackborne (Blackbourne) of Dagenham 
22 Nov 1715William Cole of Magdalen Laver
12 Nov 1716David Gansell (Gansel) of Low Layton 
21 Nov 1717Robert Dennett (Dennet) of Walthamstow 
21 Dec 1718William Lockey of Aldborough Hatch 
3 Dec 1719Hugh Raymond of Saling 
3 Jan 1721Timothy Brand of Fryerning 
14 Dec 1721Josiah KinsmanNot in Morant, and presumably delayed his year in office
22 Dec 1721Richard Chamberlayne of Hatfield Broad Oak 
11 Dec 1722Josiah Kinsman of Horndon-on-the-Hill 
7 Jan 1724James Braine of Matching 
10 Dec 1724John Turner of Widdington 
13 Jan 1726Edward Peirson or Pearson of Upton 
29 Nov 1726Sir Philip Hall of Upton, Stratford 
16 Dec 1727William Ashurst of Hedingham Castle 
18 Dec 1728Catlin Thorowgood of Lambourne 
18 Dec 1729John How of Stondon Massey 
23 Dec 1730William Peck of Little Sampford 
9 Dec 1731Edward Holloway of WalthamstowNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
23 Dec 1731Samuel Feake of Sheering 
14 Dec 1732William Harvey of Chigwell 
20 Dec 1733Champion Bransill (Bramfill, Branfill) of Upminster 
9 Jan 1734Thomas Ambrose of ShenfieldNot on PRO List
19 Dec 1734Samuel Symons Pepys of Great YeldhamNot in Morant
22 Jan 1736William Dawtrey of Doddinghurst 
19 Jan 1737Herbert Trist of Cranham 
12 Jan 1738Hugh Smith of South Weald 
21 Dec 1738Thomas Bowes of Upton, Stratford 
27 Dec 1739Mark Wynne of WarleyNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
31 Jan 1740Sir Thomas Drury Bt of Great Ilford MP
24 Dec 1740Joshua Baker of WoodfordNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve
29 Jan 1741James Hannett or Hannat (Hannot) of Woodford Bridge 
31 Dec 1741Osmond Beavoir (Beauvoir) of Downham 
16Dec 1742Edward Stephenson of Great Bardfield 
2 Feb 1744Thomas Ashurst of Hedingham Castle 
7 Feb 1745Peter Du Cane of Great Coggeshall 
16 Jan 1745John Olmius of New Hall MP (also second entry)
15 Jan 1747Nicholas Corsellis of Wivenhoe 
10 Feb 1748Bailey Heath of Stansted Mountfitchet 
11 Jan 1749John Fishpool of Billericay 
17 Jan 1750Sir John Tyrell or Terril Bt of Herongate 
6 Dec 1750Peter Leffebvre (le Fevre) of Walthamstow 
14 Jan 1752Sir Edmund Allen (Alleyn) Bt of Little LeighsMorant has of Hatfield Peverel
7 Feb 1753William Hunt of Woodford 
31 Jan 1754Richard Benyon or Benion of Gidea Hall 
29 Jan 1755Richard Chiswell of Debden 
27 Jan 1756Edward Emmett of Aldborough Hatch 
2 Feb 1757Humphrey Bellamy of Walthamstow 
27 Jan 1758Smart Leithieullier of Little IlfordNot in Morant, and presumably did not serve. Lethieullier was sheriff of London 1674–5. ODNB
11 Feb 1758John Henniker of DunmowMP
2 Feb 1759John Kingsman (Jasper Kinsman) of Stifford 
16 Feb 1760Thomas Towers of South Weald MP
28 Jan 1761Sir Charles Smyth or Smith Bt of Theydon Mount 
15 Feb 1762Richard Newman of West Ham 
4 Feb 1763William Sheldon of Walthamstow 
10 Feb 1764John Wilks (Wilkes) of Wendon Lofts 
1 Feb 1765Sir William Mildmay Bt of Moulsham HallCreated baronet 5 Feb
17 Feb 1766Joseph Keeling of Fingringhoe 
13 Feb 1767Thomas Fitch of Danbury 
15 Jan 1768Richard Lomax or Lomas Clay of Loughton 
27 Jan 1769Daniel Matthews of Felix Hall, Kelvedon 
9 Feb 1770John Tyrell of Boreham 
6 Feb 1771Charles Raymond of Ilford Ward 
17 Feb 1772Samuel Bosanquet of Walthamstow 
8 Feb 1773John Archer of Coopersale 
7 Feb 1774Henry Lovibond Collins of Boreham 
6 Feb 1775John Pardoe of Low Leyton 
5 Feb 1776Richard Trench Muilman Chiswell of Debden Hall ODNB, MP
31 Jan 1777Henry Sperling of Dynes Hall, Great Maplestead 
28 Jan 1778William Lushington of Latton 
1 Feb 1779William Godfrey of Woodford 
2 Feb 1780Henry Hinde Pelley of Upton 
5 Feb 1781Richard Wyatt of Hornchurch 
1 Feb 1782William Dalby of Walthamstow 
10 Feb 1783John Godsalve Crosse of Baddow 
9 Feb 1784Robert Preston of Woodford 
7 Feb 1785George Bowles of Wanstead 
13 Feb 1786John Jolliffe Tuffnall (Tufnell) of Great Waltham 
12 Feb 1787John Judd of Chelmsford 
8 Feb 1788Thomas Theophilus Cock of Messing 
29 Apr 1789Henry Merttins Bird of DagenhamPresumably did not serve
15 May 1789Thomas Fowell BuxtonIn room of Bird (London Gazette)
29 Jan 1790Thomas Nottage of Bocking 
4 Feb 1791Donald Cameron of Great Ilford ODNB (grandson)
3 Feb 1792Zachariah Button of Stifford 
22 Feb 1793Stanes or Staines Chamberlayne of Hatfield Broad Oak 
5 Feb 1794Richard Neave of DagnamsChosen but did not act
12 Feb 1794James Hatch of Claybury 
11 Feb 1795John Hanson of Great Bromley 
5 Feb 1796Jackson Barwis or Barwise of Marshalls, Romford 
1 Feb 1797William Manbey of Stratford 
7 Feb 1798John Perry of Moor Hall ODNB (son)
20 Feb 1799Capel Cure of Blake Hall 
5 Feb 1800George Lee of Great Ilford 
12 Feb 1801John Archer Houblon of Hallingbury Place MP
3 Feb 1802Robert Raikes of Great Ilford 
3 Feb1803Stephen Fryer Gillum of Shenfield 
1 Feb 1804William Palmer of Nazeing 
6 Feb 1805James Reed of Warleys 
1 Feb 1806James Urmston of Chigwell 
4 Feb 1807William Mathew Raikes of Walthamstow 
3 Feb 1808John Coggan of Wanstead 
6 Feb 1809John Rutherforth or Rutherford Abdy of Albyns 
31 Jan 1810John Rigg of Walthamstow 
8 Feb 1811Charles Smith of Suttons MP
24 Jan 1812Robert Wigram of Walthamstow 
10 Feb 1813Richard John Brassey of Great Ilford 
4 Feb 1814Robert Wilson of Woodhouse 
13 Feb 1815Luke William Walford of Little Bardfield 
12 Feb 1816Nicholas Pearce of Loughton 
12 Feb 1817John Hall of Woodford 
24 Jan 1818John Theophilus Daubuz of Layton 
10 Feb 1819John Wilkes of Wendon Lofts 
12 Feb 1820Sir Thomas Neave Bt of Dagnam Park 
6 Feb 1821Robert Westley Hall the younger of Great Ilford 
4 Feb 1822Sir George Henry Smyth Bt of Berechurch Hall MP
31 Jan 1823John Jolliffe Tufnell of Langleys 
31 Jan 1824Nathaniel Garland of Michaelstow Hall 
2 Feb 1825Peter Du Cane of Braxted Lodge MP
30 Jan 1826Frederick Nassau of St Osyth Priory 
5 Feb 1827Sir John Tyrell Bt of Boreham House 
1827Fiske Goodeve Harrison of Copford HallWikipedia. Burke’s Landed Gentry 1847 states that he had served as HS but does not give a date. Fiske-Harrison from 1840
13 Feb 1828Charles Joshua Smith of Suttons 
11 Feb 1829Brice Pearce of Monkham, Woodford 
2 Feb 1830Capel Cure of Blake Hall, Bobbingworth 
31 Jan 1831William Davis of Leyton 
6 Feb 1832John Thomas Selwin of Down Hall, Hatfield Broad Oak 
1833Richard Birch Wolfe of Wood Hall, Arkesden 
1834John Round of Danbury ParkMP 
1835George William Gent of Moyns Park, Steeple Bumpstead 
1836William Whitaker Maitland of Loughton Hall 
1837Jonathan Bullock of Faulkbourne Hall 
1838William Cotton of Wallwood, Leyton ODNB
1839John Fletcher Mills of Lexden Park 
1840Christopher Thomas Tower of Weald Hall 
1841John Archer Houblon of Great Hallingbury Place 
1842John Faithful Fortescue of Writtle Lodge 
1843Henry John Conyers of Copped Hall 
1844Stanes Brocket Brocket of Spains Hall, Willingale Spain 
1845George Round of Colchester 
1846John Clarmont Whiteman of The Grove, Theydon Garnon 
1847William Coxhead Marsh of Park Hall, Theydon Garnon 
1848Beale Blackwell Colvin of Manghams Hall, Waltham Holy Cross (Waltham Abbey) 
1849Onley Savill Onley of Stisted Hall 
1850Thomas Burch Western of Felix Hall, Kelvedon Lord-Lieutenant 1869-73
1851William Philip Honywood of Marks Hall 
1852Sir Charles Cunliffe Smith Bt of Suttons 
1853John Gurdon Rebow of Wivenhoe Park 
1854Thomas White of Wethersfield 
1855John Watlington Perry Watlington of Moor Hall 
1856Robert Hills of Colne Engaine 
1857John Francis Wright of Kelvedon Hall, Kelvedon Hatch 
1858Osgood Hanbury of Holfield Grange, Coggeshall 
1859Champion Russell of Upminster 
1860George Henry Errington of Lexden Park 
1861George Alan Lowndes of Barrington Hall, Hatfield Broad Oak 
1862Joseph Samuel Lescher of Boyles Court, Brentwood 
1863George Palmer of Nazeing 
1864Edgar Disney of The Hyde, Ingatestone 
1865Sir Thomas Barrett Lennard Bt of Belhus 
1866Arthur Pryor of Hylands 
1867Richard Baker Wingfield Baker of Orsett Hall 
1868William Charles Smith of Shortgrove, Newport 
1869John Wright of Hatfield Priory, Hatfield Peverel 
1870John Jolliffe Tufnell of Langleys, Great Waltham 
1871Robert Gosling Jun. of Hassobury, Farnham 
1872Thomas Kemble of The Hall, Runwell 
1873Robert John Bagshawe of Dovercourt 
1874Thomas George Graham White of Wethersfield 
1875Sir Thomas Neville Abdy Bt of Albyns, Stapleford Abbotts 
1876Christopher John Hume Tower of Weald Hall, South Weald WW
1877John Robert Vaizey of Attwoods, Halstead 
1878Philip John Budworth of Greenstead Hall, Ongar 
1879Edward Ind of Coombe Lodge, Great Warley WW
1880Andrew Johnston of Woodford WW
1881Thomas Jenner Spitty of Billericay 
1882Hector John Gurdon Rebow of Wivenhoe Park 
1883John Oxley Parker of Woodham Mortimer Place ODNB (father)
1884Sir William Neville Abdy Bt of Albyns, Stapleford Abbotts WW
1885Joseph Francis Lescher of Hutton Hall WW
1886Henry Ford Barclay of Monkhams, Woodford 
1887John Lionel Tufnell-Tyrell of Boreham House 
1888Edward North Buxton of Knighton, Woodford 
1889Sir William Bowyer Smith Bt of Hill Hall, Theydon Mount 
1890Richard Beale Colvin of Felix Hall, Kelvedon Lord-Lieutenant 1929-36
1891Thomas Courtenay Theydon Warner of Highams, Woodford Green WW
1892William Swaine Chisenhale Marsh of Gaynes Park, Theydon Garnon 
1893Arthur Janion Edwards of Beech Hill Park, Waltham Abbey 
1894Horace George Egerton Green of Kings Ford, Colchester 
1895Henry Joslin of Gaynes Park, Upminster 
1896George Courtauld of Cut Hedge, Halstead 
1897Edward Murray Ind of Coombe Lodge, Great Warley 
1898Col George Bramston Archer Houblon of Hallingbury Place, Great Hallingbury WW
1899Edward Kensit Norman of Mistley Lodge 
1900Henry Collings Wells of Broomfield Lodge 
1901Ernest James Wythes of Copped Hall, Epping WW
1902Robert Cunliffe Gosling of Hassobury, Farnham 
1903Col Richard Percival Davis of New House Farm, Walton-on-the-Naze 
1904James Noah Paxman of Stisted Hall 
1905Thomas Fowell Victor Buxton of Woodredon, Waltham Abbey WW
1906Christopher William Parker of Faulkbourne Hall 
1907Charles Ernest Ridley of The Elms, Chelmsford 
1908William Nocton of Langham Hall 
1909John Henry Horton of Mascalls, South Weald 
1910Ralph Frederick Bury of St Leonards, Nazeing WW
1911Reginald Duke Hill of Holfield Grange, Coggeshall WW
1912Capt Horatio Fraser Kemble RN of Great Claydons, East HanningfieldDied in office
1912James Tabor of The Lawn, RochfordAppointed May 1912 in room of Kemble
1913Charles James Round of Birch Hall WW
1914Henry Basham Dickinson of Le Mote, Pebmarsh 
1915Sir Drummond Cunliffe Smith Bt of Suttons, Stapleford Tawney WW
1916Samuel Augustine Courtauld of The Howe, Halstead WW
1917Charles Edmund Gooch of Wivenhoe Park WW
1918Sir Frederick Green of Hainault Lodge, Chigwell Row WW
1919John James Dunville Botterell of Colne Park, Earls Colne 
1920Montagu Edward Hughes-Hughes of Leez Priory, Little Leighs 
1921William Julien Courtauld of Penny Pot, HalsteadWW
1922Lt-Col Francis Henry Douglas Charlton Whitmore of Orsett HallLord-Lieutenant 1936-58 WW
1923Maj Guy Gilbey Gold of Abbots Hall, Shalford 
1924Lt-Col Sir Frederic Carne Rasch Bt of Ingatestone Hall WW
1925Maj Richard King Magor of Springfield Lyons 
1926Brevet Col Eustace Hill of Berwicks, Hatfield Peverel WW
1927Major William Sullivan Gosling of Hassobury, Farnham 
1928Sir Thomas Fowell-Buxton of Woodredon, Waltham Abbey 
1929Brig-Gen Kenneth John Kincaid-Smith of St Osyth’s Priory WW
1930Brig-Gen John Tyson Wigan of Danbury Park WW
1931Maj Neville Arthur Charles de Hirzel Tufnell of Langleys, Great Waltham 
1932Harold McCorquodale of Forest Hall, Ongar 
1933Maj Herbert Leslie Melville Tritton of Lyons Hall, Great Leighs WW
1934Maj Edward North Buxton of Wallsgrove House, High Beech 
1935Lt-Col Frank Hilder of Huskards, Ingatestone WW
1936Capt Gerald Murray Strutt of New House, Terling 
1937Maj Forrester Colvin Watson of Colneford House, White Colne WW
1938Sir James Adam of Colne Park, Earls Colne WW
1939Col Stuart Sidney Mallinson of The White House, Woodford Green WW
1940Maj Wyndham Birch of Beaumont Hall, Beaumont-cum-Moze WW
1941Capt John Kidston Swire of Hubbards Hall, Harlow ODNB, WW
1942Col Richard Cecil Oxley Parker of Houghton Lodge, Stockbridge, Hants WW
1943Maj Hubert Ashton of Wealdside, South Weald WW
1944Wing-Com Denis Alfred Jex Buxton of Wilderness House, Ongar WW
1945Sir Adam Beattie Ritchie of Boreham Manor WW
1946William Whitmore Otter-Barry of Horkesley Hall, Little Horkesley WW
1947Brig-Gen Claud Edward Charles Graham Charlton of Great Canfield Park WW
1948Lt-Col John Oxley Parker of No 1 Queen’s Road, Colchester WW
1949Lt-Col Victor Alexander Gascoyne-Cecil of Downham House WW
1950Lt-Col Vernon Stewart Laurie of The Old Vicarage, South Weald WW
1951Maj George Nigel Capel Cure of Blake Hall WW
1952Col Francis Collingwood Drake of Millhurst, Harlow 
1953Augustine Courtauld of Spencers, Great Yeldham ODNB, WW
1954Lt-Col Philip Valentine Upton of Park Lodge, Margaretting 
1955Samuel Ranulph Allsopp of Alsa Lodge, Stansted Mountfitchet WW
1956Lt-Col James Gray Round of Birch Hall 
1957Norman Selwyn Pryor of Manuden House WW
1958Lt-Col William Douglas Gosling of Thrimley House, Farnham 
1959Maj Geoffrey Benyon Hoare of Colville Hall, White Roding 
1960Charles Hubert Archibald Butler of Shortgrove, Newport 
1961Christopher William Oxley Parker of Faulkbourne Hall WW
1962Douglas Gurney Pelly of Swaynes Hall, Widdongton 
1963Col Hugh Edward Hunter Jones of Felix Place, Kelvedon 
1964Brig Edward Joseph Todhunter of Threshers, Harlow 
1965Andrew Hunter Carnwath of The Old Vicarage, Ugley WW
1966Sir Nigel Edward Strutt of Sparrows, Terling WW
1967Guy Ruggles-Brise of Housham Tye, Harlow WW
1968Maj Nicholas Norman Norman-Butler of Leez Priory, Little Leighs 
1969Hon Richard Clive Butler of Penny Pot, Halstead 
1970Lt-Col Mark Frederic Strutt of Crix, Hatfield Peverel 
1971Allan James Vincent Arthur of Southlands, Margaretting WW
1972Aubrey Leland Oakes Buxton of Norman House, Stansted MountfitchetCreated Baron Buxton of Alsa, 1978. ODNB, WW
1973Gerald Colville Seymour Curtis of Howses, Great Sampford 
1974Col Richard George Judd of Ardleigh Park 
1975Ronald Edward Tritton of Howe Street Mill, Great Waltham 
1976Lt-Col Dorrien Wingate Richard Graham Collins-Charlton of Great Canfield Park 
1977Edmund Hoyle Vestey of Waltons Park, Ashdon WW
1978Robert Peter Laurie of Heatleys, Ingrave WW
1979Alastair Brian Clarke Harrison of Green Farm House, Copford WW
1980John Edward Tabor of Bovingdon Hall, Braintree 
1981Maj Gerald Anthony Charrington of Layer Marney Tower 
1982Col Richard Bennett Gosling of Canterburys Lodge, Margaretting WW
1983Hubert Gaitskell Ashton of Wealdside, South Weald 
1984Peter Buchanan Lake of Lavender Leez, Little Leighs 
1985David William Rushbrooke Evans of Ridley Hall, Terling 
1986Murray David Maitland Keddie of Ark House, Rochford 
1987Julius Arthur Sheffield Neave of Mill Green Park, Ingatestone WW
1988Leonard Ritch Ratcliff of Pitchards, Halstead 
1989Leslie Alan Jordan of The Great Lodge, Great Bardfield 
1990Peter Gavin Lee of Fanners, Great Waltham WW
1991Michael William Clark of Braxted Park, Great Braxted WW
1992Alan George Tritton of Lyons Hall, Great Leighs WW
1993Christopher Spencer Gosling of Byam Hall, Great Maplestead 
1994Evelyn Bridget Patricia Ward-Thomas of Horham Hall, Thaxted WW
1995Christopher Ferens Pertwee of The Bishop’s House, Frating 
1996Peter Thomas Thistlethwayte of East Donyland Hall 
1997Robert Felix Erith of Shrubs Farm, Lamarsh 
1998Robin George Newman of Panfield Hall 
1999George Ronald Capel-Cure of Blake Hall, Bobbingworth 
2000Giles Selby Coode-Adams of Feeringbury Manor, Feering WW
2001George Courtauld of Knights Farm, Earls Colne WW
2002David Thomas Alan Boyle of Fairstead Hall 
2003Mark Treanor Thomasin-Foster of Moulsham Hall, Great Leighs 
2004Andrew Charles Streeter of Beggars Hall, Great Hallingbury 
2005Jennifer Mary Tolhurst of Gay Bowers House, DanburyLord-Lieutenant since 2017 WW
2006Christopher Dudley Stewart-Smith of Stanley Hall, Pebmarsh WW
2007Lady (Diana Elisabeth) Kemp-Welch of Little Hallingbury 
2008Sarah Francesca Courage of Mountnessing 
2009Rupert Seymour Gosling of Takeley 
2010Michael William Hindmarch of Danbury 
2011Lady (Rosemary Elizabeth) Ruggles-Brise of Finchingfield 
2012Christopher David Palmer-Tomkinson of Little Bentley 
2013Julia Mary Seton Abel Smith of Little Leighs 
2014Nicholas Spencer Charrington of Layer Marney 
2015Gerald Vincent Bodenham Thompson of Little Easton WW
2016Lorna Jane Rolfe of Great Chesterford 
2017Simon Andrew Dalton Hall of Great Tey 
2018Bryan Robert Hardy Burrough of Ulting 
2019Dr Francis James Archibald Bettley of Great Totham 
2020Julie Ann Fosh of North Fambridge 
2021Simon Robert Brice
of Rivenhall
2022Nicholas Kenneth Alston of ChelmsfordWW